Hemoglobal depends on the generosity of individuals to meet its development goals. Our promise to you is that a minimum of 80 cents of every dollar donated will go towards children with thalassemia.

There are a variety of ways you can contribute. For more details on the options listed below contact us! You can donate now by giving online through the Canadahelps website, or mail in a cheque payable to Hemoglobal to the following address:

Donate Now Through!

University Health Network
200 Elizabeth Street, EN10-230
Toronto, ON
M5G 2C4

You can give in the following ways:

Individual donation: You can give any amount you wish and be assured that these funds will be effectively managed toward saving the life of a child with thalassemia. All charitable donations will be acknowledged and Canadian donors will receive a tax receipt for their contribution. Click here to donate online now!

Memorials: Donate on behalf of a loved one or friend who has passed away. Your gift will be acknowledged and used to save the life of a child. Please contact us with the details of the person in memory, the memorial recipient's name and address and we will send a Hemoglobal memorial card on your behalf.

Honorarium: Donate your honorarium funds from a talk, event, or conference directly to Hemoglobal to help save the life of a child. Contact us for more information.

Special Day donation: Give the gift of life on behalf of someone for their birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation, Valentine's day, religious festival, or new year's celebration. Please contact us with details of the recipient's name, address, and your contact information and we can send a notification card of the gift on your behalf.

Endowment Fund Gift: By specifying your wish to support the Hemoglobal endowment fund at the time of donation you can help secure sustained funding for children with thalassemia for many years to come. This option allows Hemoglobal to plan long term and make decisions that will impact children with thalassemia for decades to come. Legacy gifts are another way to contribute to this fund.

Legacy Gifts: You can give to a child with thalassemia by placing Hemoglobal in your will, donating stocks or bonds, or allocating a portion of your retirement funds or life insurance policy. For more details please consult with your financial advisor, legal representative, or contact us for more help.

Gifts in Kind: You can donate raffle prizes, services such as printing of promotional materials, space for an event to be held, or any other ideas that you may have. Hemoglobal is greatly appreciative of all offers, and acknowledges all help accordingly. Hemoglobal can issue tax receipts for gifts in kind according to regulations stipulated by the Canada Revenue Agency.

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