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Every effort makes a difference. Get involved and help save lives in Sri Lanka. There are many ways you can help: run a fundraiser, volunteer with us, attend our events, and many more!

The University of Toronto Hemoglobal Student Group is an established volunteer group devoted to raising awareness and funds for Hemoglobal. Established in 2006, this group has made it their mandate to raise awareness for the Children who suffer from Thalassemia in Sri Lanka.

Membership? Anyone can join! email us at

What do we do? Our Objective is to raise awareness about Thalassemia internally (within the University community), externally (among the general population), and among individuals affected by the disease. All money raised by HSG is donated to Hemoglobal.

Is your school or class interested in helping out with a young and exciting charity? You can organize an event or fundraising drive to support Hemoglobal and children with thalassemia in Sri Lanka. We're also interested in raising awareness about thalassemia globally and would welcome the opportunity to work with your school using our education resources and presentations.

We need partner schools to help us start an art exchange project with children in Sri Lanka who sometimes spend days at the clinic waiting for their blood transfusions and medical results.

We want to create links between Sri Lankan children and kids internationally to show support and raise awareness in both participating countries. If you are interested or want to get involved in any of these projects please contact us at 416-340-4697 or email us.

Start your own Hemoglobal Chapter at your school!

Hemoglobal is looking to create partnerships with universities and colleges for the 2011-2012 school year. If you would like to start a chapter at your university, please e-mail us at for more information.

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